by Jack Levi aka Elliot Goblet

Apart from nearly 1500 corporate event performances, as Elliot Goblet I’ve now done around 80 weddings, mostly as a master of ceremonies.

From my experience of working at weddings or attending as a guest, I can say without hesitation that it’s vital to have a great master of ceremonies at a wedding for many reasons…

(1) A great wedding MC has experience with all of the formalities of a wedding and should have prepared ad libs to cover all stages of the day/night.

(2) Things don’t always go to plan at a wedding reception. A great wedding MC will be ready to handle any situation when something goes wrong.

(3) Whether they are a family member/friend of the couple or a hired MC, a great wedding MC should prepare tasteful funny material about the bride & groom.

This is far preferable to an MC just telling old wedding jokes.

(4) At a wedding it is a basic need for the audience to have a laugh. A great wedding MC will ensure that the audience is kept entertained right through the day/night.

Where the speech makers are a bit on the dull side (and that can happen), this is an essential task of the MC.

(5) When it comes to using humour, a great wedding MC will be sensitive to the different ages and cultures of people in the room.

(6) Some hired MC’s want to bolt after a couple of hours. A great wedding MC will stay for the duration of the wedding reception and happily mix with the guests in between the formal parts. You don’t need an MC who wants to hide in a back room while they’re not behind the microphone.

(7) A great wedding MC will make that special day even more special in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or anywhere in Australia!

Jack Levi aka Elliot Goblet