by Jack Levi aka Elliot Goblet

From my many years of experience here are some very useful tips for anyone running an event…

(1) If it’s a conference that you’re running then ensure that the delegates get a healthy mix of work and fun…pretty obvious stuff but it’s amazing how many bland conferences are still being run.

(2) Make sure that your MC is briefed before the date so they can prepare some material especially for the event. It’s also important that your MC can ad lib because often an event depends on the MC for humour injections.

(3) If getting an after dinner speaker make sure that the speaker is entertaining. An audience likes to have a laugh late in the day.

(4) With entertainers make sure that they’re clean and politically correct enough for your particular audience.

(5) When you are looking at a short list of desired speakers/entertainers take time out to have a telephone chat with each of them before you make a decision. You need to know that they share your passion and are confident of achieving what you want them to achieve.

(6) When looking at desired speakers/entertainers give some priority to somebody who is audience friendly and willing to mingle before or after they speak/entertain. People really value informal time with a known face.

(7) Beware that high fees don’t necessarily give you high quality acts. Do your homework and check them out rather than just relying on a radio or TV profile.

(8) Learn from mistakes but don’t make hasty assumptions. For example if a comedian that you use one year fails to entertain properly then don’t rule against all other comedians for future years.