by Jack Levi aka Elliot Goblet


Through being a Comedian, Corporate Entertainer & Wedding MC who performs in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and all over, I talk to a variety of people far and wide. Sometimes the conversation is about the power of great humour and what it can potentially achieve. In my considered opinion not only does great humour get laughs but is also memorable, has emotional impact, creates discussion/sharing and gives terrific results where needed.

In view of this, great humour used in advertising can be a real asset for advertisers. Australian advertising spend will hit over $13.5 billion this year, with experts maintaining that television advertising and online videos will remain the most important channels for brand communication.

As Australians, we’re exposed to over a hundred advertising messages a day. These come in a range of what we look at and what we hear such as billboards, radio, television, online adverts and videos. Advertising experts Millward Brown have revealed that almost half of all television commercials rely on humour and that there is a definite strong link between how funny a commercial is and how well it impacts an audience. Humour is also appreciated by an audience as it lets advertisers sell their product or service without an overt sales push that many find too forward and annoying. All makes sense to me.

On a personal note, apart from doing comedy spots or acting as an MC, I’m proud to say that I have been employed in some very successful advertising campaigns for products such as Watties Stir Fry, Suzuki Cars and Omo. Also I was involved in a very different and bizarre campaign for Cher’s Greatest Hits where I was asked to wear a long red wig and fishnet stockings. That was a hoot.