by Jack Levi aka Elliot Goblet

My alter ego Elliot Goblet turns 35 years old soon and with my 35 years of experience as a corporate entertainer/MC coupled with feedback from clients here is a short summary of what clients should expect of a hired corporate speaker/corporate entertainer…

. Someone who has a good reputation at corporate events with testimonials to prove it.

. Someone who is motivated and excited about being at a particular corporate event.

. Someone who is easy to get on with and displays some flexibility with time of presentation.

. Someone who is people friendly and will mix with the audience outside of their presentation time. Attendees really value that informal time with a guest presenter.

. Someone who will add humour to their presentation (if a corporate speaker) and is very entertaining (if a corporate entertainer).

. Someone who is prepared to take a brief before the event and does some preparation so that part of their presentation is relevant to the audience.

. Someone who is current with their content rather than relying on material that was more relevant in years gone by.

. Someone who is great value for money and not just rewarded for a high media profile.

. Someone who is tasteful and politically correct enough for the audience.

. Someone who (if an MC) can ad lib and inject humour between sessions to keep the audience motivated and awake.

. Someone who has emotional impact through their message and has a viewpoint of difference.”