by Jack Levi aka Elliot Goblet

Sure I can make people laugh but I’ve also got some serious things to say and I’m not holding back.

It concerns me that dysfunctional, ego centred failed ex party leaders get way too much oxygen.

It concerns me that the issues which currently dominate discussion in parliament are so trite. We have huge issues to tackle including
the homeless, a poorer environment and the imminent power blackouts. A spare $122 million would be of help right now to address some of the huge issues.

It concerns me that so many people in positions of power are behaving badly. Some put it down to “a very bad drunken decision”.
If drinking too much makes you verbally or behaviourly incontinent then don’t drink.

It concerns me that the choking of our major cities with too many people and too much road congestion is making people angrier by the month.
Proper decentralisation would have helped solve that problem but it’s a bit late to start now.

It concerns me that reality TV is dumbing down our population…even more.

It concerns me that we are too busy addressing symptoms like drug addiction, alcohol addiction and problem gamblers.
In a lot of cases people who go in these directions are just escaping from their bad realities. The Escape Industry is huge.
We should help each other to make others’ realities better.

It concerns me that there is a tsunami of mediocrity in major forms of entertainment including new music and live comedy.

It concerns me that political parties and pharmaceutical (and other) companies hold information back for personal gain rather
than share it to benefit the population and save lives.

It concerns me that people who have low integrity are harming their health because of the inner turmoil that comes from lying, cheating
and not paying debts.

It concerns me that politicians talk about resolving conflicts in the world just so that they can be seen to be doing something.
Some conflicts will never be resolved.

It concerns me that our animals are being treated badly and being killed for the feeding of humans

It concerns me that people when voting are rivetted to the same political party no matter how appalling those parties are.

It concerns me that our news is dominated by hit run accidents and bashings in between TV/radio commercials that have hit a new low in
quality and impact.

It concerns me that too many people lean on our welfare system and by so doing lose their dignity & self esteem.

It concerns me that whistle blowers have to live in fear. They should be encouraged to speak up and rewarded for their immense bravery.