by Jack Levi aka Elliot Goblet

With my job as a comedian, corporate entertainer and master of ceremonies there is plenty of travel involved because not once has a client of mine agreed to bring their event to my place.

And lots of travel means seeing lots of interesting places where I do my performing thing at a product launch, conference, lunch, dinner, staff/client cocktail party or wedding.

I have worked in some beautiful parts of Australia and many times in the cities of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and Darwin. However, I particularly love working away from city centres especially at the wineries and at venues by the water or in the mountains.

My work as a comedian, corporate entertainer and master of ceremonies has also taken me overseas to countries like America, England, Canada, New Zealand, Fiji, PNG and Thailand.

In Thailand I did a job for Wella Haircare and I guess when Wella thought hair care they immediately thought Elliot Goblet!

Over my 34.8 years in the industry my audiences have ranged from a sedate audience of Anaesthetists to a very animated audience from Amway. In the latter case I got a standing ovation before I even started.

When it comes to the volume of my work as a comedian, corporate entertainer and master of ceremonies I perform between zero and 4 times a week. Sometimes more than 4 times but never less than zero.

Recently I’ve been doing an increasing number of birthday parties as well. In fact I just performed at a 50th birthday party for a Gastroenterologist and we did a contra deal.

In exchange for my performance I’ve got a 5 years unlimited supply of colonoscopies and with a planned visit every 6 months I am sure to get my money’s worth.

I am happy to accept work at a wide range of events but will say no to Hen’s Parties. Last time I did a Hen’s Party the women just kept yelling out “Get your gear off Elliot” and once I did that…there was nowhere else for me to go.