One of Australia’s top entertainers…

Over 60 stand up comedy spots on Australian national television shows including Hey Hey It’s Saturday and The Footy Show (NRL).

Many guest appearances on celebrity TV game shows and cameo appearances on shows like Swift And Shift, Pizza and Neighbours.

About Elliot Goblet - Elliot Goblet, Ray Martin & Trevor Marmalade
About Elliot Goblet - Elliot Goblet, Darryl Somers & Ossie Ostrich

Thousands of public performances all over Australia and in 7 other countries including The Montreal Comedy Festival.

When it comes to function entertainment, a multitude of corporate events and also many private events such as weddings, parties…but not anything.

A best selling book “Business According To Goblet” containing heavily nonsense coated business advice.

About Elliot Goblet - Don Burke
About Elliot Goblet - Tony Barber & Alice Platt
About Elliot Goblet - Rodney Rude

An Aria nominated Album “internally berserk”, and in 2015 a collection of some of his best one liners in the Album “goblet’s greatest bits”.

A regular segment on current affairs TV programs giving Elliot’s “offbeat but on target” view of the week’s news.

Support act for the band “America” in the Australian cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Hobart and it was a big thrill for him to be called back on stage at the end of the nights to join in the chorus of “Horse With No Name”.

About Elliot Goblet - Andrew Denton
About Elliot Goblet - Leigh Matthews
About Elliot Goblet - Shane Jacobson

Host of the Qantas in flight audio comedy channel world wide…and beyond.

Cameo role in the film “Fat Pizza” as a pesky health inspector.

About Elliot Goblet - Les Twentyman
About Elliot Goblet - Father Bob
About Elliot Goblet - Waleed Aly
About Elliot Goblet - Judith Lucy
About Elliot Goblet - Denise Scott
About Elliot Goblet - Vince Colosimo
About Elliot Goblet - Mike Brady

“I used to be a drummer with a band called ‘Cancelled’…innovative name but nobody ever turned up to our gigs. Then we changed the band name to ‘Free Booze’ and we got big crowds but they were disappointed angry big crowds.”

“Do you ever wonder why a trailer isn’t twice as big as a semi trailer? I wonder about that all the time.”

“I once had an after dinner mint after breakfast and it threw me out for weeks.”

“I bought a house with a water view. If I look through a tiny hole in my fence I can see the neighbour’s pool. One day I’ll increase the value of my property by making that tiny hole bigger.”

“Last year I went to Thursday Island on a Wednesday and it took me an entire day to get into my holiday. Took me a lot longer when I went to Easter Island over Christmas.”

“I hate it when you’re in a motel room under the shower giving yourself a really good scrub and you realise that you’ve been using the white bath plug instead of the soap. That happens to me all the time.”

“We have ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ and ‘Gamblers Anonymous’. I’ve started up a group called ‘Anonymous Anonymous’ for people who don’t want to disclose their particular issue but need the support of a group.”

“If I could live my life over again…I’d be twice as old. And you can quote me on that.”

“I got thrown out of an Art Gallery during an exhibition of nude paintings because I streaked. And they wouldn’t accept my argument that sometimes life imitates art.”

“I bought a guitar on eBay for $32 and I was really happy with my purchase until later when I realised that I’d bought an air guitar. And I had to pay for postage & handling. You can’t help bad luck can you.”

“Just to confuse people, on the back of my car window I’ve got a sign which says “Driver On Board”

“Here’s an interesting fact. One in two people make up 50% of the world’s population. And you can quote me on that.”

Charlie Pickering – Testimonial

Elliot Goblet was the first Australian comedian I ever saw. When he did standup in my television, it was my idea of funny. I have since been lucky enough to share a stage with him, and every time he has been just as funny as he was when I first saw him. He writes jokes I’m jealous of, makes me laugh and remains my idea of an Australian comedian. – Charlie Pickering

Judith Lucy – Testimonial

It takes a great deal of skill to write punchline after punchline which is what Jack has always done. Elliot Goblet delivers wall to wall jokes; no padding, nothing unnecessary just laugh after laugh. – Judith Lucy

Brian Nankervis – Testimonial

Elliot Goblet is a compelling, inventive and totally unique comedian. Watching and performing with Elliot is always a pleasure. He takes the complex and challenging craft of comedy seriously, cares deeply about his work and is a generous performer, much loved by peers and audiences alike. One of a kind! – Brian Nankervis

Tim Ferguson – Testimonial

‘Elliot Goblet is a beloved legend of Australian comedy. His work continues to be the gold standard of humour. Fresh, funny, clever, with appeal for all ages. Elliot’s a pleasure to see and work with.’